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To continue booking your Event, please scroll down within the box below to review and agree to STRYXE Event & Venue Policies:

Event package offerings may not be altered or substituted.

Due to the large volume of inquiries, an Event date is not secured until a contract has been signed and initial payment received. 
STRYXE does not permit outside food including birthday cakes, cupcakes, cookies, or any other items intended for consumption during your Event.  

Party accessories, decorations, marketing, equipment, furniture or other similar items are not permitted in the venue without prior written consent of STRYXE Management.

Bowling, amusements, food & beverages are only for the parties specified in the Event package (i.e., Children’s package is only for children). 

STRYXE is a peanut free environment, however, our venue may not be considered nut free. The menu items provided during your Event are not made with peanut oil, nut or nut byproducts. The birthday cake provided is made peanut free, however, it is prepared in a facility which utilizes nut and nut byproducts.  Please share these details with your guests providing notice to those who may have an allergy. 
Once your Event is officially confirmed by our Events Department, we require an advance of 72-hours minimum notification of an increased guest count. This notice must be provided to the member of the Events Team with whom you have corresponded and must be provided in advance of the Event Date. Such notice will allow STRYXE the proper opportunity to adjust Event and facility requirements (staffing, cuisine, and lane assignments, pending availability). Event update requests received outside of the required 72-hour advanced period may not be guaranteed. 

For Adult and Corporate Events: STRYXE Amusement Cards may be applied for usage within The Parlour, which includes our billiards and shuffleboard games, pending availability on the day or evening of your Event. If The Parlour or Eatery, within which The Parlour and aforementioned games are located, is reserved by another booking party during your Event, your Event may not have an opportunity to enter or use The Parlour, Eatery or associated games.  Note: request for credit(s) of any type, inclusive of free game play within The Parlour at a later date and/or time will not be honored.


Dress Code - In Effect After 6pm. No athletic wear (work-out clothes, sweats, sleeveless shirts), flip flops, open-toed sandals, excessively baggy clothing, hats, headbands, exaggerated accessories, or sunglasses. Elastic banded shorts may not be permitted within STRYXE.

Players must be mindful of their surroundings at all times, and must not cross the Foul Line or risk serious injury. All players assume this risk.

No refunds will be given at any time.

All bowlers over four years of age are required to wear bowling shoes.

Socks must be worn at all times upon the rental of our bowling shoes.

There is a two game, two lane, two hour lane seating maximum during peak times while a waitlist is in play. Bowlers meeting the lane seating maximum are only permitted to purchase additional games or otherwise extend their play if we are no longer seating new bowlers and at the discretion of STRYXE Management.

Should there be a waitlist to bowl , or dine in our eatery, guests must remain within STRYXE once their name has been added to the waitlist.

Outside food or beverage is not permitted within STRYXE.  We offer a full-service restaurant where we can accommodate your special dietary needs, and our celebratory packages include a custom cake.

Alcoholic beverages must only be consumed within the premises of our venue.

Party accessories, decorations, marketing, equipment, furniture or other similar items are not permitted in the venue without prior written consent of STRYXE Management.

Minors under the age of 16 must be accompanied by an adult and remain under their supervision at all times while visiting STRYXE.   All minors must exit the venue by 8:30 p.m.  New bowling games will not be initiated past 7:30 p.m. for parties containing minors.

Only guests 21 and over will be permitted access to our Eatery and Lounge after 9 pm.

Only guests 21 and over will be permitted the use of The Parlour and its billiard & shuffleboard tables.

STRYXE is not responsible for lost, misplaced, or stolen STRYXE Cards. Treat your STRYXE Card like cash.

We may require a credit card upon the placement of your order to service your lane experience.  Members of the STRYXE service team may not accept more than four credit cards per lane pair, or table, in processing guest payments.

STRYXE is a smoke-free environment.  No smoking of any kind, including vaporizers or e-hookahs, is permitted at any time.

No tobacco products of any kind, including dip or chew, are permitted at any time.

Our Kitchen closes two hours before closing time. Last call at the bar is 30 minutes prior to closing time.

No bowling games are permitted to begin any later than one hour prior to closing time.

No new guests may enter the venue 30 minutes prior to closing time.

Parties of 10 or more may not be able to be accommodated without the completion of an event contract. The best way to ensure availability is to book an event with us.  Please reach out to our Events Department to begin planning your event. To view event offerings, please click here.

Rough or abusive behavior exhibited on any STRYXE equipment or furniture is grounds for immediate ejection with no refund of monies paid.

STRYXE personnel reserves the right to deny entry or eject guests displaying inappropriate behaviors at any time as determined by STRYXE Management.
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Note: Due to the large volume of inquiries, please allow 3 days for a member of our Events team to respond.