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Our Commitment to play Safely


    We are excited to welcome you back into our entertainment venue for lots of fun. We have new guidelines around social distancing, protocols to help keep our Guests and Team Members healthy and safe, and enhanced disinfecting measures throughout the venue.

    Maintaining the trust of our Guests and Team Members, and continuing to operate safely and responsibly is important to us. To help create the safest environment, we have implemented several new measures designed to protect the health of our Guests and Team Members. Details about these measures are presented below.

    Even with our significant health and safety measures in place, an inherent risk of exposure to COVID-19 exists when visiting any public place. That is why we are also asking for your help so we can all play safely together. Please be sure to wear a face covering when inside the venue, adhere to our social distancing guidelines and, most importantly, come play another time if you have tested positive for COVID-19 or are otherwise feeling sick.

    Enhanced cleaning protocols with sanitization and disinfection methods implemented throughout global venue daily.

    All guest tables, counters, and seating areas cleaned, sanitized and disinfected between all guest uses.

    All bowling balls, shoes, and ball returns disinfected between all guest uses.

    All high-touch surfaces frequently cleaned and disinfected, such as any shared equipment in the facility, scoring terminals and other touch screens, gaming equipment, throughway apparatus, and employee-used equipment.

    All food preparation stations cleaned and sanitized.

    All bathroom facilities cleaned and disinfected.

    All bathroom facilities, including private use family bathroom accommodations, employ touchless latrines, faucets, dryers, soap and towel dispensers for contactless operation.

    Hand sanitizing stations increased throughout the venue, including at each bowling lane pair, significantly increasing the opportunity to keep hands clean.

    Sale transaction equipment, including billfolds and pens, disinfected between guest uses.

    All employees will complete health screening prior to start of work and sent home if designated targets are not satisfied, including body temperatures by contactless infrared thermometers upon arrival under 100.4 degrees.

    All employees will be requested to stay home if they are not feeling well. Further, any team member exhibiting any COVID-19 symptom (fever, cough, shortness of breath) will be refused entry or sent home.

    Social distancing measures have been instituted for all staff and guests with guest capacity levels monitored and reduced in compliance with occupancy limits mandated by state Executive Order.

    All furniture and games have been situated or removed such that at least 6 feet of distance can be maintained between guests with various modifications made to our historical floorplan.

    One vacant bowling lane will be maintained between each party of bowlers.

    Floor markers have been placed in various common and high traffic areas of the venue to create safe standing locations properly distanced at 6 feet.

    All employees and guests will be required to wear masks in accordance with Executive Orders of the state of New Jersey. Guests will be permitted to remove masks while consuming food and beverage.

    All employees will be required to wear disposable single-use gloves when handling food and beverage products.

    All guests will be required to use hand sanitizer before entering the venue.

    All employees and guests are reminded to wash hands and instructed on proper hand washing techniques at all hand sinks throughout the venue with specific measures instituted to ensure staff washes hands frequently while at work between guest interactions. Hand sanitization stations are widely available for use when a sink is not accessible.

    All employees are trained on policies of general hygiene and, specifically, behaviors to reduce the spread of COVID-19.

    All employees have been instructed to remain mindful of their physical presence in the company of our Guests and to provide distant and quick, but efficient service, as required to meet the needs of our Guests.

    Clear acrylic barriers have been installed at our guest interfacing point of sale locations.

    All bowling parties will be limited to 12 guests, 6 guests per lane. Lanes will be assigned such that social distancing measures can be adhered to. All bowling parties will be limited to two games or two hours, whichever occurs first, per individual guest.

    All bowling balls will be assigned to lanes are sanitized and disinfected before each party’s use. Sharing of bowling balls and/or shoes with guests from non-cohabitating parties is not permitted. Guests may not take balls from other lanes.

    All gaming equipment will be cleaned and disinfected frequently during your visit.

    All tables will be sanitized and disinfected before each party’s use.

    All dining party sizes will be limited to 8 guests per table.

    Guests must remain tableside while dining.

    All bar patrons must remain seated and such that social distancing measures can be adhered and parties will be limited to 4 guests. No standing bar orders or congregating at the bar while standing will be permitted.

    Seating areas may not be shared among non-affiliated Guest parties.

    Food & Beverage offerings have been temporarily reduced to facilitate our increased operational requirements and limited operating capacity during the pandemic. Menus have been listed online for non-contact access and readability through QR scan made available at your table. Single-use disposable menus are available upon request.